Sep 13

New Natural Perfume Oil Packaging!

Find your own unique scent with Old Factory Soap’s Natural Perfume Oil

This week Old Factory Soap Company launches our new natural perfume oil packaging! These neat boxes were designed by Jonathan to easily unfold into a full image.  Following the Old Factory Soap tradition of telling stories with scent, you will find that each full image weaves a tale of mystery, science, and nature.

What is natural perfume oil? Natural perfume oil is a class of perfumery that draws from the organic instead of the synthetic.  Instead of using an alcohol base and synthetic fragrances like most mainstream perfume we use a mixture of organic olive oil, essential oils, and botanical’s.  These perfumes roll on, and because they dont contain alcohol the aroma lasts much longer.  The olive oil also contains soothing and moisturizing properties.  While our essential oil blends stay the same throughout the year, you may notice the flowers, seeds & herbs captured inside the bottle changes with the season.  This month we are using our recently harvested marigold seeds to add some color to the Hermetica natural perfume oil bottle.   Are you sensitive to scents and fragrances in most traditional perfumes like me?  Detox the Body MCS suggests that you give these long lasting perfumes as gifts to your friends and family so that you don’t have to worry about your chemical sensitivity when you are out and about.

Our Event Horizon natural perfume oil in olive oil takes you through the other side of the rabbit hole, it is the point at which no light returns.  Inside each bottle you will find the seed of a Crepe Myrtle.

“Turning lead into spiritual gold,” our alchemical Hermetica natural perfume oil suspends essential oil in organic olive oil.

Our Lucid Dream natural perfume oil in organic olive oil is a perfect balance of light and dark, female and male, above and below.  The natural blend is accented with rose petals.

White Rabbit essential oil perfume in organic olive oil is Old Factory’s power animal. It is illusive, pure, provocative and very, very sexy.  Blended with jasmine buds, this perfume is our best seller.

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