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an old fashioned, modern minded, futuristic vision.

Old Factory Soap Company provides a healthy, organic, chemical free alternative to traditional body products with one of a kind scents. Created in 2007 as a positive, healthy and creative outlet, a soapmaker and an artist with severe skin allergies decided to begin Old Factory Soap Company. Each product created by OFSC is made with 99% organic ingredients, many of them bartered, grown, wildcrafted, or locally purchased in the Texas Hill Country. We follow an old french tradition, telling stories with scent. Each bar of our artisan organic soap weaves a tale using unique essential oil blends, original illustrations, and short stories to provoke the imagination and inspire the mind. Our three main lines include an organic goats milk soap line, an organic olive oil soap line, and an organic flaxseed and shea butter soap line. Our Natural Perfume Oils are exclusively handcrafted blends diluted in fine oils.  We feel like we’ve been called to this art and put our hearts and souls into everything we do. We feel that the world is moving support honest, ethical and more accountable businesses and we want to be involved in that, doing what we love every step of the way. Thank you for supporting our vision.

Storyline Soap: Reviving the French tradition of telling stories with scent.

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